A Mickey Mouse Themed Affair

Recently, my friend threw her adorable 2 year old son and his little mouseketeer friends a grand birthday party.

While she is a brilliantly suave host and quite the party planner, the master baker she is not! Therefore, she was in desperate need of some divine baked goods and asked me for help.

When baking for toddlers only one thing comes to mind…CUPCAKES. Perfect bite-size and just messy enough to have some playful fun once indulging. Perfect! Since her son is super passionate about ANYTHING Mickey Mouse, the birthday theme came naturally.
As for the cupcakes I suggested Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes. I took the risk and tried both recipes for the first time. Yikes I thought! Since I was not happy with how the Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes turned out (I am quite disappointed as this recipe is from THE Queen of Cupcakes, Peggy Porschen. Bought the book, even used measuring cups, the result a dry cupcake and slightly runny frosting which I managed to save), I will refrain from sharing the recipe with you.

However, the Chocolate Caramel recipe is so good I should get a patent on it. Honestly! The taste so divine, the batter so super fluffy, the frosting so light and mousse-au-chocolatey, the center with mounds of liquid caramel…heaven!!!! Scroll down for the recipe and tell me what you think once you made them. I decorated the cupcakes with cupcake toppers made from printables purchased on Etsy.

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