A talented and aspiring Berlin designer to watch out for

I would like to introduce you to this amazing young Berlin designer I came across, and I must admit; I’m clearly hooked!

The designer I’m  referring to is Manuel Kirchner and his label  “Tulpen”. Known for his elegant gowns,  exquisite fabrics and ultra feminine designs, you too should have this label on your fashion radar!

There’s one piece in particular that I laid eyes on…”Eugénie” from his SS 2014 collection. Why didn’t he design this gown 4 years ago when I got married? I so would have donned this gorgeous goddess-like dress! So I can’t help but wonder… save up some cash for a down payment on a new car or buy Eugénie gown…? pay next month’s rent, make sure hubby and baby girl are fed or purchase stunning Eugénie gown? spend a crazy amount of money on a new pair of red-soled stilettos, or contemplate purchasing the silky, ever so flowy Eugénie gown? renewing our wedding vows just in order to justify the purchase of my ultimate couture dream gown Eugénie?

Decisions, decisions…what would you do?