Anniversary To Remember – Hotel Review Hamburg


 Whenever I’m planning a trip to Hamburg there are a few things to be taken into consideration, whilst looking for stylish yet comfortable accommodation. Usually, I take the family (hubby and daughter), meaning not only style parameters need to be met, but the comfort level must be equally high. Sacrificing style for comfort? NOT cool! NOT us!

However, I have now quit browsing around for the perfect Hamburg hideaway, as I keep developing a pattern of returning to the 25hours Hotel HafenCity for all the obvious reasons.

shower chaircrush Industrial Design Lobby

There simply is no other place quite like this! Upon arrival one doesn’t fail to notice the incredible attention to detail. The industrial design and the nautical theme are predominantly lingering across all areas of the hotel. Rooms are called cabins, interiors feature nautical elements such as wallpapers and sailor inspired quotes. The very friendly staff instantly makes you feel welcome when setting foot into the lobby. Staff across all departments is very friendly and professional, while exuding hospitality with the necessary laid-back attitude.

The staff proactively seeks interaction with their guests, and therefore we were not at all surprised to have a staff member approach our daughter in the lobby, “do you like drawing?” and next thing you know she was holding a box of “25hours” branded crayons in her hands.

Everything happens with meticulous devotion to the product and with incredible ease that is unparalleled.

“Support Your Local Dealer” seems to be an essential key element for the hotel’s operation, and they certainly understand to cooperate with companies from the Hamburg region. Whether you enjoy a divine cup of coffee from local dealer “Elbgold”, you come across a wide range of bathroom products such as shampoo and shower gel from “Stop The Water While Using Me” or you go see the Concierge to buy some candy from “Bonscheladen”.


While I instagrammed a picture shortly after check-in, mentioning it was our 5th wedding anniversary, I tagged 25hourshotels only to be caught completely off guard when we returned to our room just an hour later. There it was, a chilled bottle of rosé crémant, chocolates and a handwritten note from the team. How very thoughtful! Frankly, Social Media is yet another thing they are really good at!

It’s obvious that this hotel is run by people who know what they are doing!

25hours Words to live by aka Inspo

wallpaper2 creative best minibar wallpaper

This truly is a home away from home! Until we meet again

So long, sailor!

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