A few days ago when I browsed my Kindle library not really knowing what I was looking for, I was instantly drawn to the cover and the title of this book. It might be my job (working in Social Media), but anything just remotely hashtagged deserves my undivided attention – period.

So there it was, Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS* in all its girlie glory! The fact that the novel’s protégé is describing herself as a 30-year-old hipster dynamo dream girl had me giggling with joyous anticipation. I knew I was in for a special treat, for a success story of a woman who built a multi-million dollar empire without going the conventional route from college to riches.

“The Cinderella of tech.”
–New York Times

Curious and intrigued at the same time, I was skipping through the book reviews on Amazon when I caught myself hitting the “one-click” purchase button, and oops the e-book was already uploaded to my Kindle tablet. I don’t plan to become a girl boss, bosstress or anything for that matter. Neither do I think that this book is a guide to immediate success, as obviously Sophia’s success did not come over night. But it was the fashion-savvy woman in me that was captured by the storyline. #gogetter

“Fashion’s new phenom.”

Instantly, I was tempted to start reading this enchanting piece of literature, and so I fantasized about being curled up on my fuchsia colored couch, with a steamy hot Nespresso in one hand and my tablet in the other. Well, reality check! Instead I spent all day at work impatiently waiting to return home to my tablet and finally get going.

Once my little Darling daughter was fast asleep and things were winding down at home, I began embarking on my literary journey. Immediately, I was captured by the author’s very witty but brutally honest no-bullshit rhetoric and her smart approach to business. Literally, I was rummaging through the pages one by one, like I only would when wanting to get my hands on rare treasures in a vintage boutique.

And suddenly it dawned on me, WOW, did this woman actually pave the way for Social Media back in the late nineties when she started her eBay shop? Marketing 101, really! I was impressed! #trendsetter

Let’s get one fact straight, this book is a novel, a guide on how to do things right when starting a business, without ever losing track of your goals. It most likely will be an inspiration to anybody planning to build a business (not necessarily restricted to the fashion industry only), a motivation for those in the process of building their own business needing words of encouragement, but lastly, a new found gal pal to entertain and inspire your creative thoughts. #BadassInspo

And if you like vintage fashion, you are even likely to find a bargain on Sophia’s online shop “Nasty Gals”. So what’s not to like?

“Nasty Gal clothing company—as red hot as its founder’s lipstick…even though owner Sophia Amoruso never set a spike-heeled boot in business school…[It’s growth] would be hugely impressive for any 6-year-old start-up. But Amoruso isn’t your typical entrepreneur…Amoruso is, employees say, the ultimate nasty gal…In a predominantly male tech industry, Amoruso is gaining notice for being a young female CEO who is doing things her way.”
–The LA Times


*Purchase your copy here, Sophia Amoruso #GIRLBOSS, Portfolio/Penguin, Kindle Edition €9,99 | Paperback

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