If Don Draper were real, this is where he would dine while on business in Berlin!

If you’re looking for a special night out with friends or maybe a romantic dinner with your significant other, but also LOVE a good slab of meat on your plate then this is just that kinda place.

In a neighborhood off Leipziger Strasse, where one would never expect to find such a hidden gem, I found myself rushing down into the basement of the Brooklyn Beef Club, only to realize I was just about to enter a whole new era.

brookly_beef bbc Brooklyn-Beef-Club-1-600x383 Brooklyn-Beef-Club-Restaurant

We were greeted by the very charming Maître d’ upon arrival and were immediately ushered to a cozy leather booth. The environment was cozy and homey through its dark interior, crisp white table linens and dimsy lighting. Pictures of Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren and the RatPack lined the mahagony clad walls. You could just imagine Don Draper sitting at a nearby table sipping on a glass of Whiskey neat and lighting a cigar – it was that kind of atmosphere and the impeccable service of the Maître and his team that made me feel comfortable instantly.

The menu arrived and it was difficult to choose from this small but enticing culinary variety.

Since it was our wedding anniversary, two glasses of champagne were the obvious choice to start our date night.

A scoop of homemade parmesan ice cream topped with a balsamic reduction was served as an Amouse-Bouche. What a bold approach to serve an Amouse-Bouche. Loved the flavor palette though!

I had the Grilled Zucchini Salad with tomato jerky and pine nuts as an appetizer…delish! I usually don’t like zucchinis at all but they were marinated so divinely that we dug in quickly.

As a main I had 200g Filet Mignon (certified US Black Angus Prime) with mixed grilled vegetables on the side. The meat was so tender it literally melted in my mouth. For the record, I must mention hubby’s superb tasting portion of hash browns with bacon, also the homemade Bourbon Pepper Sauce deserves major credit.  Homemade, homemade…everything on the menu is homemade of course and it sure makes all the difference!

At the bar a fine selection of 160 types of whiskey is on display and you also find an exclusive selection of cigars.We decided to skip desert and went for a cappuccino instead. What a health conscious move ;-)

What a great night out!

Brooklyn-Beef-Club-restaurant-22  l1103057

Brooklyn Beef Club

Köpenicker Strasse 92
10179 Berlin

Open daily from 6pm
For reservations please call: +49 30 20 21 58 20

or E-mail:

Dress code: Business Casual

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