Long Time No Bake – Coconut Strawberry Cake

Last Sunday I’ve decided to treat my family for something homemade, for a divine sweet treat to tickle their taste buds.


I’ve been following Anja’s blog ButikSofie for quite some time now, and I’ve been intrigued to try one of her recipes ever since. When she recently published a blog post about a recipe for a yummilicous Coconut Strawberry Cake on Instagram, it immediately caught my attention! Reason being, it had “no bake” in the subject line and since I’ve always been wanting to try a “no bake” cake, there was just no stopping me!

The cake turned out to be absolutely delicious, but personally, next time I would opt for a different base, as it was too crumbly for my taste. I’m thinking more of a cheesecake crust made of Graham crackers and melted butter, or a sponge cake would also work. But hey, that’s just me!

But the best thing about this recipe is that you can pretty much combine all kinds of fresh fruit as you please, in order to create your perfect cake. Cherries and blueberries, raspberries and mango…the possibilities are sheer endless! Also, instead of a strawberry topping you could go for pureed mango or peaches. As for Anja’s recipe, I didn’t buy strawberry preserves for the cake topping, but I made it from scratch. To obtain an even clump free sauce, I pureed some strawberries, sifted in some confectioner’s sugar, and forced the sauce through a mesh strainer.

So giving credit where credit is due, please find her cake recipe here. On a different note, aren’t her images just absolutely adorable? Note to self, need to buy a new camera. My iPhone just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore!

cake4   cake3   cake2

Dishware: Pip Studio
Milk bottles, Mason jar and paper straws: Blueboxtree
Shabby crate: Ebay
Cake stand: Mein Cupcake/Birkmann

♡ ♡ ♡