Support Your Local Dealer – Introducing Bow & Hummingbird

Look what came in the mail the other day? Although I did somehow expect this delivery, I still shrieked with excitement. Call me crazy, but I have a serious DIY crush!

There it was in front of me, a parcel full of amazing Bow & Hummingbird products neatly packed and beautifully arranged.
A select potpourri of pure DIY artsy, crafty bliss made for those who appreciate finest paper goods, high quality ribbons and premium gift ideas. The entire product range itself is nautically inspired, which makes total sense as the company is based in Hamburg.

Bow&Hummingbird4   Bow&Hummingbird2   Bow&Hummingbird   Bow&Hummingbird3

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Being born and raised in Hamburg, I basically grew up to embrace and love the maritime lifestyle, and even now it inspires my sense of style.
Therefore, wearing anchor shaped earrings and a fitted navy blazer with gold-plated buttons, just comes pretty natural. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a statement, it complements my look! Simple as that!

Upon opening the parcel, I was surprised to find even more than I had anticipated.
I was stunned to see how much thought and love Bow & Hummingbird put into the careful packaging of each and every product, as each item comes with a detailed product description. There’s some serious attention to detail here, surely!

My mind was already buzzing with plenty of DIY ideas, and I knew I had to get my craft going. In a frantic attempt I started looking for a pair of scissors, masking tape, whole punch and some scotch tape, and before I knew it I was working, wrapping and crafting away with these precious nautical themed lovelies. Personally, I’m beyond smitten with these cute gift tags, the wrapping paper and that adorable drift bottle. Major major crush here!

Bow&Hummingbird5 Bow&Hummingbird6 Bow&Hummingbird7 Bow&Hummingbird8 Bow&Hummingbird9

Unable to master the German language? Stay tuned for the English version of their online shop, which will be coming soon!
Meanwhile, if you should have any particular requirements such as customization of items, corporate inquiries, quotes for international shipping or any other questions relating to Bow & Hummingbird products, please feel free to contact Carolin, the owner. She’s super sweet and she will make sure you’ll leave a happy customer.